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Phantom of Valley Showroom Extras



Top Ten Favorite Fireworks

  • War Birds (G-121)
  • Wickedly Awesome (G-110)
  • Aerial Arsenal Shell Kit (G-181)
  • Da Bomb (G-195)
  • Angle Rack of 12 Black Cat (G-217)
  • Blast Chamber Mortar Kit (G-194)
  • Shagadellic Mojo (G-083)
  • Cometary Chaos (G-045)
  • X-9 Panoramic Finale (G-160)
  • Grucci New York Harbor Show (G-220)
  • Local Sponsorships

  • Valley Police Department
  • Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Most Memorable Phantom Experience

  • The showroom was struck by lightning twice... within a month!