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Dry Weather Tips

Phantom's Safety Tips for Fireworks Use in Dry Conditions


As a nationwide leader in consumer fireworks sales, Phantom Fireworks wants customers to enjoy the fun and excitement of fireworks in a safe and careful manner. Some of the special dry weather fireworks safety tips include the following:


  • Keep a ready source of water available. A connected hose is best, but a fire extinguisher or bucket of water will suffice.


  • Appoint one adult as the fireman whose job it is to be on the look out for sparks that might ignite fires during your fireworks use. The fireman should immediately douse any areas that catch sparks to avoid fires.


  • Wet down an ignition area of at least 30 feet in diameter for ground devices and 100 feet in diameter for aerial devices before lighting any fireworks. That way if sparks do hit the ground, the chance of a spark igniting a fire will be minimal.


  • Light the fireworks on a paved surface such as concrete or asphalt if available, and if not available, select a dirt area without grass or vegetation. Keep the fireworks away from any wooded or grassy areas.


  • Do not allow minor children to handle or light the products. Children should enjoy the fireworks by watching, but not by handling the products.


  • Be aware of the wind conditions when you light your fireworks. Do not use the products when it is windy. If the wind kicks up or shifts toward dry brush or vegetation during your shoot, please stop shooting and wait until the wind subsides.


During dry and vulnerable conditions, please use extra caution and safety precautions when using consumer fireworks. Phantom Fireworks wishes America a safe and happy Fourth of July.


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