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Fireworks Safety Testing



Phantom® Fireworks is a charter member of the

American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL)



AFSL is an independent, non profit corporation established in 1989 by members of the fireworks industry to: develop voluntary quality and safety standards, work with manufacturers to improve safety and quality, provide a testing program, provide testing certification, and support the efforts of groups promoting the safe use of consumer fireworks.


AFSL operates the China Fireworks Quality Improvement Program, a testing program administered by an independent, internationally recognized testing laboratory. The fireworks products are tested at the factory level in China for compliance with CPSC enforced manufacturing and performance standards before being shipped to the United States. Those products that pass the AFSL factory level testing in China are then certified and shipped to the United States.


Once the products are received at one of the receiving Phantom® warehouses in the United States, Phantom then tests the products a second time to insure proper safety, performance, and compliance with CPSC standards. By the time the Phantom products reach the U.S. marketplace, they have been tested twice, once in China and once in the United States, for compliance with CPSC enforced manufacturing and performance standards.


As is evident, Phantom takes the extra steps we believe are necessary in testing the products for safety, because we care about you. Phantom pledges to its customers and friends that we will continually strive to improve the quality and performance levels of the Phantom fireworks products for your safety and enjoyment.


Thank you for your purchase from Phantom fireworks; we truly do appreciate your business and your friendship.