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Q. Do I have to provide a credit card, or pay for the order in advance? 

A. Not at all! No one will ask you for any payment information until you are ready to check out at the store.


Q. I really like to browse your stores, it’s a lot of fun. Having the order all ready would ruin that! 

A. Not at all! Even though you have placed a pre-order, you can still feel free to look through all of Phantom’s amazing products first hand. If you want to exchange some items, from your original order, or simply can’t resist picking up a few additional items – any Phantom Team Member will be more than happy to assist you.


Q. I just completed my order, and there is no BUY ONE GET ONE, or YEAR ROUND BONUS or even my PREMIER CLUB SPECIALS. What do i do?

A. Do not worry! A Phantom shopping experience would not be the same without all the bonuses our customers have come to expect. When the representative calls you back to confirm your order, they will tell you all about what specials and bonuses you currently qualify for, and add them to your order. Our Team members at the store will also do their best to ensure you receive all bonuses and promo's you are entitled to!


Q. What if I’ve already placed my pre-order, and then I find a new coupon on your web-site, or even Facebook? Can I still take advantage of those savings?

A. Absolutely. The coupon, or promotional special, has to be valid at the time you pick your order up, not the time you place your order. So long as that’s the case, bring your coupon with you to the showroom, and our sales associates will be more than happy to add the savings to your sale.


Q. Can you guarantee that all the merchandise we order will be available when we show up?

A. As much as we would like to tell you yes, sadly the answer is no. We will tell you, when you speak with your Pyro Specialist, whether or not the merchandise is in store at that time. If you place your order early, and pick it up in a timely manner, you will have a much better chance of getting everything you order. Phantom Merchandise is the best of its kind on the market today, and word is getting out. No matter how hard we try to prepare for demand, it is still nearly impossible to guarantee that all products will stay in stock until the Fourth. So, if you want to do your best to ensure getting that special item you have your heart set on, do your best to get to the store as early as possible.


Q. What’s the catch? Why are you offering even more bonuses, when your deals are already so hard to beat?

A. Its simple really – in return for getting you to shop early, we reward you. After so many years in the business, Phantom accepts that the weekends leading up to the Fourth, and especially the first four days of July, are going to be jammed packed with last minute shoppers. It’s a Win-Win situation, the kind of experience Phantom prides itself on!