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Phantom Phanatic Videos - Single Product Shoots


Very few people understand how difficult it can be to record fireworks on video and truly get a feel for the product. Below is a wide selection of Phantom products that our fans have filmed and they are really well done! Have a look for yourself!


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VideosofFireworks has impressed the folks here at Phantom Fireworks Fan Video Page with their excellent capture of many of our products. Here is a shot of the Phantom Smiley Face Rocket.   Have to admit, we in Web Video's had never heard of this piece, but the O-007 have some loyal fans, and have garnered many excellent reviews. Take a moment to watch!

Maybe you were wandering through a Phantom Fireworks Superstore, or browsing a copy of our catalog, when you came across our G-224C Swarming Skeeter. At that point, did you say to yourself, "Self, what an odd name for a firework, even a 200gram repeater.  I wonder how it got that name?" If that is the case, click the link below, it becomes obvious!

A ton of excitement in a small package.   The Barrage Fire Candle, which we like to call the C-046, certainly lives up to its name! Take a look!

The Fiery Falcon, G-313, may be a 200 gram repeater, but it has the crowd pleasing effect of its 500 gram cousins.   The comets that start the show turn into Aerial Spinners, and that's only the beginning. Well, no sense talking about it, watch tms76176's excellent video of the piece.

Smoke isn't for everyone, but true smoke lovers have found Phantom's Smoke Cannister 6 piece bag (P-022) to be an exciting selection. Pschill2001ss shares a green cannister filling the area with smoke.

Are you a fan of fountains? The Peacock Fan Tail Fountain, our H-065, is really popular. In their annual review of product, the Sacramento Bee elected to review this fine piece and here is the video.

Looking for a great idea to start this year's show? Here's one of our fans launching the G-034 Vapor Trails.

One of our really nice pieces is the G-030, Burst and Bloom. Popeye3c gives you a great perspective, from ignition to finale.   You can see some really nice crossette effects; the crackle effects come over well and the chrysanthemum and willow effect at the end looks great. If some of those words are not familar to you, this is a great time to learn a few Firework Terms. 

The King Midas Touch (G-115) has a huge group of long time fans; many customers put this in their show several times. Tms76176 brings this 500g repeater to video and shared it with the world!

The Strobe Spectacular, the G-062, is a 20 shot, multi-colored repeater. Popeye3C was excited enough to film it.

Watch as wwwzacherydefan2 lights up the night with Phantom's Aerial Avalanche (G-079). This piece has it all. Strobe effects, beautiful colors and the always popular crackle effect.  

Popeye3C has a good eye when it comes to choosing, and capturing, Phantom product.G-123, the Powercell 25 shot, is a 200g repeater that makes a very big impression in your backyard party.

Who's to say you can't dazzle an audience on a budget? This is Emerald City, one of our 200 gram repeaters, shown by a big fan of the PhantomNation, Brendan Kessler.
A second submission of Kessler, this is Astral Galaxy, another of our 200 gram repeaters. Big things in tiny packages.