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Phantom Phanatics Video Community Board

Phantom's Fans Show how it's done




Phantom Fireworks is known by so many as a truly great shopping experience. Want to see exactly why? Watch the videos:




Phantom Fireworks 2015 Commercial    Phantom Fireworks: A Great Shopping Experience


Every year we do our best to show you why Phantom Fireworks is number one in consumer fireworks. This year we realized that, despite our own best efforts, the simplest way to make our case was to let you, our fans, make our case for us. Every year, so many of our customers take to the Internet to share their Phantom experience with the rest of the world. We have decided to share many of these with you on our new Phantom Phanatic Video Board. Take a moment to scroll through these amazing video's below, you may just find some idea's to make your own backyard party even better than last!


Want to share your own fun? Post it on, and send us our link. We've set up a special email box webteam@fireworks.comWe can't promise you will go viral, but you could easily become the talk of firework phanatics everywhere this July 4th! 



 Click here to view fan video submissions of the PhantomNation!


 We've uploaded your photos too! Send us more!


 Check out some of our single product shoots!



2016 HD Tour

Phantom Fireworks

with Displayfireworks1

BBQ Rando visits

Phantom Fireworks

in Taylor Michigan

This video shows first of

all some still pictures and

then video of the amazing

48" diameter 420kg Japanese

"Yonshakudama" shell

"the world's largest single firework"

Roman Atwood takes a trip

to his local Phantom showroom

in preperation of his

4th of July celebration.

We had our managers go

through our wide selection

of fireworks and pick

out a few of their

personal favorites.

In this video Ron Zoldan

discusses some of his

favorite products and explains

how to set up an amazing show.

Maumee Bay Fireworks- 2015

Spectacular fireworks

display put on in Maumee Bay

Here is a video of a 2 year old experiencing fireworks for the

first time. It is amazing how

much excitement and joy

fireworks can bring to

people of all ages. This child's

reaction says it all.

Here at Phantom, we have a lot

of pride in our employees.

Our management team at

our Boardman, OH Superstore put

on a wonderful show for their staff,

in appreciation of a job well done.

When the manager shared the

show with the world,

we decided to share

it with you folks. 

Firework enthusiasts around the world are familair with the website, as well as its founder, Dave. Dave first came to be known for his YouTube channel, displayfireworks1. So, when we heard that Dave wanted to film our new warehouse facilities, we were happy to oblige. Want to see what it's like shipping all these fireworks to all you excited fans? Check this out!
Have you ever seen those really beautiful photographs of fireworks going off and wondered how the photographer managed to do that? Well, we found some excellent tips from PhotographersOnUtube and we wanted to share them with you!
The special deals at Phantom certainly don't stop after July 4th and TheOhioBucks12 certainly knows it. He and a friend drove out to their local Phantom Fireworks Superstore and took the time to show us all just how much you can get, for so little.
Uncle Abe is an important figure in the history of Phantom Fireworks, so when an assortment was dedicated to him, we knew it should be something special. The Grand Finale Assortment (known to its friends as A-025) is one of our best sellers. One of our customers, Pyrofumes, takes you through all the pieces.
Of course, to all of us at Phantom Fireworks, both our product and our customer are no laughing matter! The problem is, when you add Benny Hill's theme music, you can't help but laugh!
Most of you know the amazing deals we offer here at Phantom Fireworks, but why take our word for it.   William was so pleased with his purchase at our Easton store, he shared it with the world. Check it out below!
Maybe you are a reloadable tube lover but, after seeing the huge number of different shells and tubes Phantom that carries, you find yourself unable to pick one? YouTube user 59balloons takes you on a detailed tour of the A-032A Tube Assortment. 
Assortments come in all shapes and sizes, just like our customers. MrIrishPyro brought home our Niagara Falls Assortment , which we like to call A-029, and lets us all get a glimpse inside.
Spectacular 2:13 finale! Featuring: Sons of Liberty, Beehive Barrage, Supercell Storm, Grucci High Performance Display, Johnny B Good, New York Salute Finale, Silver Sonic Warhead Premier, Pyro Pulverizer, Spellbinder, Thermoberic Warheads and Attitude Adjustment from Carol in Bradford, PA.